Monday, 14 September 2009

Marcus Constable

Right, so today was my first day interning at the exclusive boutique fashion PR company DeVetta... Have to say it was totally EPIC! The people working there, the atmosphere and even the little office tucked away in trendy Shoreditch was A.M.A.Z.I.N.G!

DeVetta certainly knows how to pick their clients, one of which is Marcus Constable. He's sexy, rugged and manly. if you've heard of Constable you would know that his signature style is modern, sharp cuttings and architectural shapes. He was really big during the 90's, but after his last show at LFW in 2001 he kind of vanished from the scene. So now he's back and boy is he coming back with vengeance! Showing at LFW this September; His fierce dresses inspired by the Thirties are definitely going to be a major sell out, taking orders from Liberty and Koh Samui. Its a shame he doesn't do menswear but even so, I would KILL to own one of his dresses. Just to have one for the sake of having one. It's a total masterpiece.

When asked how would he best describe a Marcus Constable woman he said. "A girl with a unique, individual style who loves to dress up but who also Paradoxically dresses down. She appreciates a well-cut dress but she could easily throw one of my structured cocktail dresses with distressed old boots, a denim jacket and tousled hair."

Sound like you? Then keep a look out for Constable especially when all big publications such as Vogue & Grazia are all talking about him so he is definitely not one to be missed.


This is my sexy friend Jo. The picture was taken by style photographer Vanessa Jackman. Jo (who works as a freelance stylist) totally put her styling experience to work when my girl is decked out in fierce Celine boots, vintage trousers and a blazer stolen from daddy! Dontcha think she looks awesome! Totally J'adorable.


Friday, 11 September 2009

Dazed & Confused

Love this shoot styled by Karen Langley. I've always been a fan of structured garments and everything here is just totally fierce.

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Jaeger Takes Over Aquascutum

This is very exciting news for British premium fashion; Jaeger has bought Aquascutum. 

For some reason, it doesn't really surprise me. But I bet there will be more to come from Jaeger. I have to admit, I'm not much of a fan of Jaeger but Aquascutum has always stood out for me, particularly their classic style english trench coat.... (I know Burberry is renowned for that, but Aquascutum has some amazing coats). 

It's major news for Jaeger as they estimate the combined annual sales will be more than £300m.

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Fashion's Night Out... 2 Days To Go!

Yes I know this video is old. But I wanted to post it again... Every time I watch it, it gives me goosebumps for some reason... So get ready boys & girls! Fashion's Night Out is coming to you on 10th September 2009.

Oooh! Also... Keep an eye out for Zac Posen, he looks seriously fierce! 

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Monday, 7 September 2009

Bundles Of Joy

As I arrived at this bloggers event held at Joy boutique in Southwark, I was very excited yet nervous. The only thing that was running through my head was, am I looking good? Will I impress the other fashion bloggers? Will I spill some champagne down another bloggers very expensive top? But as I got there with Reena, another fellow fashion blogger my nerves went away and I felt very calm.

I didn't really know what to expect to be honest. I later learned that Joy had miniature Ford Ka's hidden all across the store and each one was worth £60's each! So then the only thing that I was thinking was... Hell I aint lettin' no bitch come my way this time!...

I was very tipsy, cheerful, happy (... and maybe a bit loud for some) but I managed to find two miniature Ford Ka's and I split one with Reena so in total we both came home with £90's worth of stuff for free! All very exciting I know...

Me with my two miniature Ford's

Me & Reena


But then we got chatting to some other bloggers and one young lady who stood out for me was Kristabel aka 'I Want You To Know'. I had been looking out for her earlier as I follow her blog quite regularly and she seemed awesome. We all took pictures together and had a blast of a time even though we may look slightly drunk! I'm glad I went though, even if I got 90 quid worth of stuff, I made some cool new friends!

Kristabel, Reena, Bianca and Moi

Big thanks to We Are Social, Go Find It and Joy for a great event.

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Recessionista. Fashionista.

As I pride myself on being a major recessionista, printed tees have become a hardcore necessity in my wardrobe. These are the two purchases of the day... Totaling a cool £33 I think i've done very well bagging myself the Marc Jacobs tee (left) for £23 and the Vogue tee (right) for only a TENNER! 

What's so amazing is that even though the tee, designed by Vogue for 'Crisis'; A charity that helps homeless people, is meant to be released on 10.09.09 and I managed to get one today! So I have to say I am VERY chuffed.

The New YSL Magazine

Fellow boys, girls and trannies keep 12th September free in your diaries as YSL is launching its manifesto magazine which will be handed out on a first come first serve basis! There are only 2000 copies available and we MUST get one! The bag will come in this gorgeous cotton tote bag designed by Stefano Pilati.


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Saturday, 5 September 2009

My Next Purchase

Right. I totally jizzed my pants when I first saw this bag! Its been over a month now and I still can't get over the fact that I have not raved about this bag on my blog at all! But now is the time...


I don't care what anyone else says, this bag TOTALLY has my name written all over it. The YSL studded bag, which hit the stores not so long ago, has been a massive favourite amongst celebs including Lady Gaga to name a few. I was debating it over the Alexander Wang "Coco" duffle bag but now, come to think of it, Wang has NOTHING over this shaggable YSL stunner.

I can just imagine myself right now... Grey skinny jeans, loose black low cut vest, black leather jacket, Marc Jacobs rocker sunnies and YSL heel'd boots with that bag to top it all off. HAWT! 

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Every Girl Should Have Hair Like This

I am absolutely loving Cassie's new hair do that she was showing off at the premier of "The September Issue" which is out on 11th September at selected cinema's in the UK. Don'tcha you think she looks mighty fierce? I wish my locks were as long and sexy as hers... And that side shaven head.. offfffhhhh... I could just squirm in excitement.

Oh and by the way, if you want her sexy YSL jumpsuit, you can purchase it from Browns.

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Thursday, 3 September 2009


I paid a visit to my local Whistles boutique yesterday just because I felt like its one place I always seem to ignore. Their cliental is not me; Middle aged ladies who lunch that remind me of my mother. But one thing I always forget is that my mother dresses very well so why shouldn't I just pay a visit. 

Upon my arrival I came across two items which totally blew me away. I instantly fell in love with this pencil necklace which is just super adorable and this rock chic oversized leather jacket! Its pure sexual and not badly priced either! 

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