Monday, 7 September 2009

Bundles Of Joy

As I arrived at this bloggers event held at Joy boutique in Southwark, I was very excited yet nervous. The only thing that was running through my head was, am I looking good? Will I impress the other fashion bloggers? Will I spill some champagne down another bloggers very expensive top? But as I got there with Reena, another fellow fashion blogger my nerves went away and I felt very calm.

I didn't really know what to expect to be honest. I later learned that Joy had miniature Ford Ka's hidden all across the store and each one was worth £60's each! So then the only thing that I was thinking was... Hell I aint lettin' no bitch come my way this time!...

I was very tipsy, cheerful, happy (... and maybe a bit loud for some) but I managed to find two miniature Ford Ka's and I split one with Reena so in total we both came home with £90's worth of stuff for free! All very exciting I know...

Me with my two miniature Ford's

Me & Reena


But then we got chatting to some other bloggers and one young lady who stood out for me was Kristabel aka 'I Want You To Know'. I had been looking out for her earlier as I follow her blog quite regularly and she seemed awesome. We all took pictures together and had a blast of a time even though we may look slightly drunk! I'm glad I went though, even if I got 90 quid worth of stuff, I made some cool new friends!

Kristabel, Reena, Bianca and Moi

Big thanks to We Are Social, Go Find It and Joy for a great event.

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