Thursday, 25 February 2010


On Tuesday night, Selfridges had hosted a party in their Wonder room to celebrate the Alice Temperley collection and amazingly enough, it was the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Once you got there, you were greeted by two bunny rabbits you were handing out sexy playing cards and to get into the party you walked through a tunnel (the only time in my life I actually felt like Alice) it was pretty amazing. As soon as you entered, you were welcomed by an open bar of cocktails and retro music that would make anyone let their hair down! It was full of London socialites, fashionistas and party people who meant something... This was a party you knew that was going to be big.

Selfridges always seems to amaze me, it could be their art deco, collections within the store or even the sheer effort that the PR team actually put into hosting such an amazing event! I dread to think how much all this would have even cost... eek!

Later on through the night, the band New York Pony Club performed and I have to say this is one band you do NOT want to fuck with! They were totally and utterly awesome! Trust me, the only beats that ever make me dance in my sad and lonely life are either by Britney Spears or Lady 'Manwhore' Gaga, but this band just made me want to push every fashionsita aside and make me want to dance like a loony! The whole time they performed everyone was just there busting their hottest moves!

I got chatting to a few industry insiders and met a bunch of really cool people! The night was quite amazing but my highlight of the night was probably meeting Lily Russo from Grazia Magazine! She is totally j'adorable and we had a bit of a banter at the bar about her gorgeous knitted Pringle top. You can see the picture below, I want to actually look like her one day!

Overall, it was an amazing night and want to thank Selfridges for inviting me. A great way to finish of LFW and hopefully there will be many more to come!

Friends with Tolula Adeyemi

London fashionista's

Lily Russo, Grazia fashion assistant in Pringle

Me, Lady Lloyd in a bit of Viv & Sam

Me, Zoe (Topshop Blogger)

Henry Conway & friend

New Young Pony Club!


Christopher Bailey's rendition of the classic Burberry girl is one of the reasons why he still seems to me as the best British designer that lives today. A fellow Yorkshire-man like myself, I feel proud to hail from the same part of town as he does. Even though I didn't get to go to the Burberry show, it is one show I am always looking forward too.

As Burberry goes live 3D across the world, it has proven itself to be one of, if not THE most revolutionary brands that has ever existed. I have immense respect for Burberry and it still is my dream to hopefully work there one day! (I can always dream I guess).

We saw aviator jackets, buckled arms, khaki and navy military jackets and coats which could be entirely detached with a zip. I personally LOVED the sheep lining and will make sure I purchase a jacket with one, when they hit the stores. The Burberry dresses and pencil skirts were absolutely breath taking and would definitely look j'adorable with the sexy aviator boots! This is classic femininity with a modern twist, the great genius that is Christopher Bailey is one man who knows the female silhouette better than the actual woman does!


I really don't want to say this, but I was quite dissapointed at the Ada Zanditon show. There was nothing really new and exciting, the whole show was very badly organised and was far too overcrowded for anyone to really enjoy the whole experience.

Ada who is a LCF graduate, was one of the hotly anticipated, new and young designers that had recommended to look out for, but to be fair, she didn't really impress me this season. I think what Zanditon had forgotten for a second was that this isn't a CSM graduate show, this is LFW. She really needed to step up her game to entice the buyers and press, so for me I wasn't at all turned on by anything that walked down the runway.

Monday, 22 February 2010


Louise, words cannot describe how much you make me want to have a sex change right this moment and straight after my operation I just run out of the hospital in my overalls and go purchase my first Louise Goldin dress.

Ever since this Central Saint Martins graduate came onto the London fashion scene, she has definitely caused a massive outcry... Due to the many women probably going bankrupt right now! Her latest collection seems to me as very Balenciaga meets Alexander McQueen. I'm loving every piece that came down the catwalk, quite possibly the best show in London so far.

Everything about the looks are just amazing, the sheer dark colours and structured garments alongside the flat hair and smokey eyes just give the models that sexy and powerful London bitch image.



I shall have to be very honest, I j'adore a bit of Viv, but when I went to her SS10 collection back in September I left extremely disappointed. Her previous collection was rather dull, dated and to be honest it's something I had seen before so nothing took me aback.

However, this season was entirely different. Westwood totally raised her game, in my opinion, with lots of vibrant colours, fits and shapes with a touch of frills and cute dresses to give the collection that feminine touch. I was glad to see that this season Westwood toned down the whole "celeb catwalking" tradition as I feel it's something that's not necessary. Last season was overdone with Lisa from Big Brother appearing on the catwalk and also Pixie Geldof. But I was still a tad dissapointed when I saw a picture of Pixie on the runway.

I have very strong opinions of Pixie and firmly believe that the entire Geldof family are the vermin of society and will one day ruin our entire fashion scene. Pixie is not a socialite, she is not a cool fashion kid, and she is certainly not a catwalk model. So why the fuck use her? Urgh.

Anyways, overall for me the whole collection seemed to be amazing. I've always had faith in Viv and she's proved to me why she is the greatest British fashion designer of all time. Purely because she is so unique. I just totally love the way she uses trends and mixes them in her own individual style.

A job well done Viv!

Sunday, 21 February 2010


This quintessential British brand, Mulberry, has just gone and done it again; Totally blown me away! The jungle theme went really well with the soundtrack on the runway which was derived from The Jungle Book. Also, the models looked immaculate with big lion-esque hair and very simple and relaxed makeup.

The collection in itself was an entire success, quite possibly one of Mulberry's most strongest collections. The print, detail and fabric was just so put together that at times I had to take a minute to digest everything! The palette of grey, black, nude and blue's were just a feast to the eyes and as the show was styled by Edward Enninful (who any fashion freak would recognise from The September Issue) you'd know Mulberry mean't serious business this season.

Here are some pictures of pieces which really stood out for me...

But it was this ostrich skin clutch that really got me. It just looks ridiculously stunning and I want to own one just for the sake of owning one!

Then it was onto the Mulberry after party in the evening. I met a couple of other fashion bloggers whilst I was killing time at Somerset House and oh my, I'm just sitting here and still asking myself the question, where the shitting hell have they been all my life??? Rena from Handbags & Faghags and Carrie from WishWishWish seemed to have been my two Mulberry party buddies for the night. Also met probably THE most amazing fashion assistant and stylist that has ever come out of London, Olivia Pim. Olivia was absolutely beautiful and you can see a picture of her and fabulous shoes below. Overall it was an amazing night, lots of laughter, cocktails and celebs such as Rachel Stevens, Alexa Chung, Olivia Palermo and the vile Pixie Geldof also turned up! Including a live performance by Delphic.

Meeting Olivia Palermo was probably the highlight of my entire 21 years existence! I'm just going to let all the pictures do the talking so you can see for yourself what an amazing night this actually was!

Mulberry Fashionista's

Carrie, Rena & Me

Rena & Me

Olivia, Fashion Assistant, Tatler Magazine

Olivia's shoes, so j'adorable!

Me & Olivia Palermo

Rachel Stevens & Me