Sunday, 7 February 2010


So Reena finally got round to having a bash at her THIRD birthday (spoilt cow!). 15 of us all went down to the Great Marlborough St restaurant, and my was it an experience.

Ping Pong kindly gave us unlimited dim sum and alcohol on the house as a good will gesture after our hideous experience before. We ate like there was no tomorrow and a couple of other fashion bloggers including Fiona of SAVOURSHOES and Frankie of SWELL-VINTAGE graced us with their presence, it was mad! When we first arrived we all sat down by the bar sipping cocktails and gossiping about anything and everything and much to our surprise, when we were seated at our table we had wine and snacks waiting there for us. We got slightly tipsy, all perved on Reena's new gorgeous lace top and slightly O.D'd on loads of dim sum!

If you are a newbie to Ping Pong, here are probably some of the things from the menu you should definitely try:

1) Spicy Chicken Dumplings
2) Crispy Prawn Balls
3) Veggie Sticky Rice
4) Coconut Chicken Rice-Clay Plate
5) Blueberry Martini

Totally lush and totally j'adorable! I'm sitting here feeling like I am pregnant with 21838220099000 million babies! I cannot stop eating at this place and with LFW around the corner I will have to hit the gym tomorrow morning to burn all that off!

Finally, I have to say the service this time was utterly and disgustingly fabulous! And a very big thank you to Lucy the restaurant manager, I need to marry her!

Me & my BFF Irina

Grace & Fiona

Frankie, Pav, Me and Reena

Me, Lucy (Great Marlborough St restaurant manager and Reena)


  1. everyone looks fabulous!! glad you guys had great fun and that you overdosed on food yummmmmmmmmm
    xx-LJ from SOS!

  2. Thanks hunny! I have yet to meet you! x

  3. Never have I eaten this much, but it was absolutely AMAZING. Thanks so much for letting me gorge myself in your company. See you soon please, sir! x

  4. Deeeelish! I want to go back already, yum! Had the most perfect evening thanks guys xxxx