Friday, 23 April 2010


One of the most chicest boutiques in London opened their doors on Wednesday to unveil their latest A/W10 pieces they have in store. The mouth-watering designers ranged from HRH Maison Martin Margiela right through to the saviour to all womens feet, Christian Louboutin.

Bridget Cosgrave, Matches' Buying and Fashion Director, has done an amazing job pulling out the key looks for this season, especially knocking up the new rising star of fashion, Holly Fulton. Her fashion forward thinking by using geometric Art Deco lines and pop art colours really got me when I first saw her. Now stocking at Matches, I am sure the London fash pack will be going crazy!

Holly Fulton

Matches men have all the more reason to be wrapping up warm this A/W10 as it's all about the chunky knitwear and sexy wool! I saw a lot of McQueen knits, Paul Smith scarves and this gorgeous Maison Martin Margiela pony hair coat with leather lining inside. It's just truly orgasmic, I know I'm going to get one as soon as it hits the stores.

Maison Martin Margiela

Here are some more images of the latest womenswear pieces:


Thursday, 22 April 2010


The fashionista's were out in full force last night partying it up Gucci style when Mark Ronson helped open the store in Covent Garden which will be selling his £395 sneakers. Have a look at who got papped here.

Wednesday, 21 April 2010



Wow, so i've been asked to be apart of VBN (Vice Bloggers Network). This is a major honour as they only choose a very select few bloggers to be apart of their network! As they say on their website;

 "VBN is a collection of what, in our opinion, are the most interesting, relevant and popular independently-run

blogs on the planet, primarily in the spheres of fashion, art, film, music, sex and technology."

So now that I am apart of it, here is my official badge that I can post on my blog!

Part of Vice blogging network

Yay! Thank you VBN! 

Saturday, 17 April 2010


Lindsey Lohan is back, and this time she's brought along her latest collection for her label 6126. I really don't know what to make of her collection, maybe she was designing whilst snorting a line of coke on the side? Oh well, nevermind, some of the greatest designers of our time have been on coke. So maybe she can make something great out of herself!

Friday, 16 April 2010


As it is press day galore this season- it was Chanel's turn to pop open its doors to the raging press and journo's to have a sneak peak of what will be coming up for A/W 10.

Entering the beautiful clean-cut press office and being welcomed by drinks and canapes was not only nerve wracking at first but very very exciting! As I was entering I just kept telling myself "Ozzy play it cool, play it safe, and don't make a tit out of yourself!" My stomach was turning with excitement and I felt like I was a child left alone in Hamley's. It was truly a j'adorable experience, I couldn't believe that I was actually in CHANEL!

This season we saw a lot of sportswear and fur! (Much to my disappointment ALL fake!) but I guess it would be easier for stylists to shoot, and, department stores to sell. I mean we don't want PETA protestors to be going on a hunger strike and whipping themselves with chains now would we... Or would we actually? Ha.

I went along with my best friend and today's guest blogger, Ira. In-fact, it was her first ever press day and she was just as excited as I was, (you can read her little post about Chanel below). Chanel have really broken boundaries this season and good old Karl has definitely come up with something that is entirely different but still staying within the Chanel 'look'. The outfits and accessories were all very chic and feminine with a cold and bitter twist. I personally love how he has played with the concept of ice- maybe he's making a political point about global warming?

The press day was divided into three different rooms- Fashion, beauty and watches. The J12 has now been given a makeover with beautifully hand crafted diamond studded watches slimmed down, and even a J12 with a rubber strap for when you go out doing outdoorsy stuff! We also met a j'adorable little friend called Butters. Butters is a Pomeranian dog, how gorgeous is she?



Entering the Chanel press office today was like being taken back into a world of  fabulous Aspen era. The luxury garments did not fail to preserve Chanel’s classic elegance, but managed to also bring in a feeling of an escapade to the most exclusive chalettes. The whole ensamble was arranged in such a manner to bring out the fact that the Chanel woman is powerful, elegant regardless of the environment.

A strong emphasis was felt on the jewellery , underlying the new trend of costume jewellery that is on the rise. The accessories depicted kept the classic fur and incredible details.  Chanel did not fail to impress us in the jewellery room, where beautiful pieces were on display, such as a stunning  and rare diamond and coniac sapphire watch( Images of the jewellery room will be uploaded shortly). Aside from the rarer jewels and superb craftsmanship , Chanel has also developed a line of a more sports-oriented watch line, designed for diving and swimming, with impressive mechanical features.

Personally, I took great satisfaction from trying on the new glasses that were on display.  The pieces were at the same time clean and edgy, as they covered a vast array of sizes and colours. My two favourite ones can be seen in the images below. 

Overall the visit to the Chanel press office was greatly enjoyable experience that was highlighted by the presence of Miss Butters, who proved not just to be utterly beautiful, but of the outmost good taste.



Photo Credit: Ira Nechifor