Tuesday, 6 April 2010


If you are a major fashionista or a night owl in London then you probably will know about this tres sexual club night, Circus. For those of you unfortunate people who have never come across Circus before, then carry on reading.

Circus is now a monthly club night situated in many cool venues, brought to you by DJ and women about town Jodie Harsh (pictured above). This actual queen of the London fashion night scene has invented something so cool, so spectacular and so fashionable that even Karl Lagerfeld would feel threatened! Circus is all about its customers, it's very visual, colourful and OTT. Probably one of the very few places in London that would make you feel fabulous even if you wrapped yourself in cling film and slapped on some fierce lipstick...  You'd probably be respected more than Madonna herself!

Socialites and celebs a like flock to this night and every night this is on it just gets better and better! From Matthew Williamson to Roisin Murphy, Kelly Osbourne to Alex Zane, they've all donned their presence at this prestigious club night.

Below are pictures from Circus on 3/4/10. To check out when the next night is, click here.

Picture credit: Christopher James


  1. Deffo the best night club night in the UK Ive ever been to!

  2. Ooo this looks like so much fun. I'm so jealous you're in London all the time...and I hate that when I finally get there for Summer you won't be there. What's that abouttt?! :(