Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Trend Report

Louise Goldin

Hannah Marshall

Hannah Marshall

Stuck on what to wear this AW? Here are the key trends for this season to look out for. I chose these specific looks as I think they highlight exactly what we shall be seeing in the streets of London and what will be hitting our stores very soon... Frills, leather, hard shoulders (again) and one of my favourite colours royal blue!

Monday, 26 October 2009

Tom Ford- Mens Fragrance

When I think of Tom Ford, I think bold, sexy, masculine and firm. I personally use his men's fragrance which has quite a refreshing orangey undertone to it. Also, believe it or not, it actually makes me feel like man whenever I spray it on (probably the only time I redeem my masculinity). So when I saw these images from the men's fragrance ad, it made me feel like an uber masculine hairy jock.


J'adore Hands

Hussein Chalayan is known for his shock value. His outrageous garments inspired by the future just get more and more futuristic. He has broken boundaries with how far he can go and being experimental makes him unique and very appealing.

His wandering hands implanted into the garments make me tingle with excitement slightly. I have never seen such a breath taking piece and would respect any woman owning such a gown. Another show well done Hussein Chalayan.

Leona Lewis Turns Punk Goddess

X-Factor winner, Leona Lewis, has been given true style treatment by Punk goddess Dame Vivienne Westwood. Good ol' Viv designed this gorgeous white satin dress for the release of Lewis' new single and second album.

Each gown is made-to-measure at Westwood's couture atelier in Central London and I have to say Leona Lewis just looks boob popping as I'm sure you'll all agree.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

Yasmin Sewell

Meet my latest style crush; Yasmin Sewell. This femme fatale is a god send to any fashionista internationally. Renowned for jet black curly locks, this fashion queen is more than just a beauty. She was the previous buyer at Browns now she has established herself as THE buyer for Liberty of London.


Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Black Is Beautiful

French Vogue is not a stranger to controversy, and that is why I love them so much. Fashion is art and art is controversial. It's meant to cause an emotion, be it positive or negative.... But I will be biased as I have to admit I love all things controversial. They intrigue me,they make me stop and stare, they make me think. So why is this issue about covering a beautiful Lara Stone (who is Caucasian) in black make up offensive? I don't see anything offensive about it, especially when I belong to an ethnic minority myself, I think people should just open their eyes and see the dark side of life...

Bravo Vogue!

A Cookie A Day, Helps Keep The Fat Away

I couldn't quite believe it, an article that I was reading earlier today, about Dr. Sanford Seigal new diet creation- Just eating cookies all day including one healthy meal will help you lose weight.

If you don't believe me, according to the NYT, Christina Kane, who weighed 255 pounds lost a remarkable 40 pounds within three months! Ms Kane is one of estimated 500,000 people who have lost weight whilst on this cookie diet. To read more about how you can do it, click here.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Copycat Galore

Is it just me or is there a striking similarity between these Balenciaga resort collection beauties and Ashish Kapoor's playdo like sculpture showcasing now at the Royal Academy?


I know I have been very busy recently with my life that I just could not sit down for 5 minutes and update my blog. But now I am back! And today I wanted to talk about the latest male trend... The bangle fetish! Have to say I absolutely lurrrrve it! They look great, they're chunky, glam and fierce... Only thing is, i'm a midget so I couldn't really pull of big chunky knockers on my wrist but hey ho they still look pretty!