Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Black Is Beautiful

French Vogue is not a stranger to controversy, and that is why I love them so much. Fashion is art and art is controversial. It's meant to cause an emotion, be it positive or negative.... But I will be biased as I have to admit I love all things controversial. They intrigue me,they make me stop and stare, they make me think. So why is this issue about covering a beautiful Lara Stone (who is Caucasian) in black make up offensive? I don't see anything offensive about it, especially when I belong to an ethnic minority myself, I think people should just open their eyes and see the dark side of life...

Bravo Vogue!


  1. I can't understand why those pictures would be offensive either. It's probably because a lot of people don't always "get" or fully understand certain aspects of fashion and fashion photography, and hence when people don't understand things they interpret it as something negative. I just see these images as a celebration of culture and international royalty, that's all! very interesting post x