Sunday, 30 August 2009

Welcome To Fashion Mrs Beckham.

This is the new Fall 09 ad campaign for VB's new collection. Fierce.

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Saturday, 29 August 2009

This Is Why I love Alex.

Alexander McQueen is probably the best thing to come out of East London. The sheer execution of these garments are breathe taking. I will stop now or else I will make a mess.
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Thursday, 27 August 2009

Is This What Fashion Has Become?

Whilst I sit here typing this, I feel anger. Rage. Disappointment. I eat fashion. I live fashion. I breath fashion. So why is fashion always targeted towards women? More and more men have become increasingly aware of their looks and are willing to spend serious £££'s to make themselves look like the shits. So why do I feel like I am left out? The so called "female species" is becoming extinct within fashion as the males are roaring to go and break the moulds with style. But I am really pissed off walking through Topshop's womenswear and seeing the most trendiest high street garment known to British fashion or shopping in Harvey Nichols and just wetting myself in excitement with the sight of a DVF dress. But upon entering menswear I feel disgusted, I feel like ripping a female vagina to pieces and scream in my head WHY OH WHY??? All I see is bland, lifeless, unflattering clothes which maybe nice for one occasion but nothing more. 

Then you get vile, disgusting, stinky, slobby, awful, hideous, obese waste of space so called Perez Hilton starting to comment on fashion when we all know his judgement is unfair, wrong and classless. Is this what fashion has become?

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Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Dear Ms. Wintour, Can I Be Your Assistant?

I died whilst watching this. For some reason I had fear inside of me. But nevertheless, this woman IS God!

Monday, 24 August 2009

I Heart This Chic

Isn't she a beaut? Love what she has on. Her bag, her outfit, her hair and her shoes! Oh her shoes!!!! Just perfection xoxo
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What Would You Do On Your little Break To Paris, If Money Were No Object?

Hmmm... I'm sure millions of people would kill for an opportunity to have a break in Paris without money being no object, right? Well for me I know I would not only kill but i would slaughter fashionista style-ee! But I wish it were even true. But this is my little dream....

Upon my arrival I would love to be greeted by Alber Elbaz from Lanvin and spend the morning with him exploring Paris and try to get to grips with his vision of French fashion. I would then have Galeries Lafayette closed down for 4 hours just for me to shop comfortably with my own private personal shopping service. Followed by a private tour of the Eiffel Tower and hold a private dinner with French Vogue editor-in-chief Carine Rotfield and Balmain creative director Christophe Lebourge overlooking the nightlife of Paris.

Absolute Bliss.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

I Am Officially In Love

Feast your eyes on this delicious starter, main course AND desert; Thomas Ivasaki.

I'v had my eye on Thomas ever since I first saw him on, and I have to admit I just cannot get enough of this beauty! His mix is just out of this world... Wait for it... He is half Brazilian and half Japanese. This beauty is just divine. He's like a holy spirit. A higher being. Luxurious. Masculine. Feminine. Gorgeous. Stunning. A breathe of fresh air. He IS fashion.

You can tell I am in love, and rightfully so; check out more of his pictures here.
OH! And also... If you want to book him for a shoot (I know I will for my next job) go to Premier Models London.

Finally! .... No More Fakes!!!

This is music to my ears. Countries such as France and Italy are stepping up their campaign against fake designer bags bought abroad by tourists. If found guilty, fines in France can exceed up to £260,000.

Read the full story here.


Thursday, 20 August 2009

Newburgh Quater To New York

From today until September 13, London boutiques; including Hurwundeki, Joie, Peckham Rye, Social Suicide, Twenty8Twelve, Beyond  The Valley, Chateau Roux, Concrete, Cowshed, The Face and Fred Perry will transform into New York's Lower East Side.

They will take part in events including a catwalk, a very British tea party and a "Labour Day" celebration on September 7th. 

Its very exciting news and I know I will be in Newburgh every single day!

Knighthood To Fashionhood

I was quite delighted to find Asger Juel Larsen's iconic chain hooded top juxtaposed with Gareth Pugh. It couldn't be a bigger compliment... As Larsen is a personal friend of mine from Uni, I have to say I am VERY proud of everything he has accomplished so far!

Oh and this Gareth Pugh top is just EPIC; I want one!!!!

Pictures courtesy of

Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Priests Can be Pretty Too

This new A/W09 show by Francisco Van Benthum's has proven that men can wear skirts. I love everything from his new collection and outstanded by his beautifully cut garments. Also, even though I'm not too keen on religion, he's definitely brought religion in to fashion... I wonder if God will be placing some orders this A/W?

Nevertheless, they are great structured garments and look extremely luxurious! Big thumbs up! 

Images courtesy of

Legality At Its Best

I know that not all women can pull this one off. But if your Kate Moss, anything is possible.

Friday, 14 August 2009

One Word... Fierce!

As you can see I am not in a very "writing" mood today. I guess it's one of those "I don't care" moods. But here is an image from Russian Vogue- September issue; And you all thought Kate Moss lost her charm. She still is THE supermodel of our century!

Picture courtesy of Russian Vogue-September.

Bec & Bridge

I didn't know anything about these Aussie designers Bec & Bridge until a friend of mine bought a Bec & Bridge jacket whilst on holiday in Aussieland. I should totally slap myself, It looked truly ferosh. So when I started researching more about the brand I have fallen in love with their collection. 

If only I could pull of those outfits! <3

Stone Looks Fit @ 50!!

I just had to post this on here. I don't like posting items which have already been talked about but I LOVED this shoot so much I just couldn't resist. 

Thank god for photoshop but Sharon Stone certainly looks fierce! I know I totally would! 


Michael Agnes Jackson

This tribute shoot in Septembers Harper's Bazaar issue is just oozing hotness. I'll be honest i've never been THAT amazed by fellow northerner Aggy but this shoot has totally made me fall in love with her. 

Chuck & Blair... HAWT!!!

I'm loving this photo shoot with Chuck & Blair from the up and coming Elle US.

Wednesday, 12 August 2009


I'm in my local Baby GAP store right now minding my own business when I got a tip of on my Blackberry... Anna Wintour IS coming to LFW!!!! Yes people its confirmed! The goddess of fashion is coming to London Fashion Week!
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I sent my carryall bag in for repairs 2 whole months ago, even though I was pissed off it took so long I brushed my anger aside and just wanted to be reuinted back with my beloved Louis... Only to see that its an unfinished job! I'm so fucking mad I could rip Vuittons balls off!!!

Is that what you expect from a luxury brand??? BASTARDS.
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Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Chanel Gone Retro

I was surprised to see this very modern take on a Chanel handbag. I actually think its really cool! I'd love to take one to Uni!

How To Look Good Naked

Corrine Day, a very famous fashion photographer and a personal favourite of Kate Moss needs your help. She has been battling a tumour for the past 10 years and still only in her fourties she needs £100,000 to help towards her medical procedure. 

As sad as it is Day has agreed to sell some of her work for £100 each including this photograph on Kate Moss taken in 1993. So be a good samaritan and take part.

To purchase the prints email emily@premiermodelmanagement.

Cycling Shorts? Hmm...

... Im not very keen on this new Autumn look. I have always thought that cycling shorts are totally grotesque, so I will certainly not be supporting this look at all. Seen at Calvin Klein and Blaak im not too sure if this sporting item will get much support as a fashion item?

However! If you do like the look you can buy the Blaak cycling shorts (left) on, but even though I'm loving the whole stretchy look, I have to say the Americal Apparel shorts (right) which are similar, look quite a treat.

Monday, 10 August 2009

101 Salads

I was just reading an article in NYT and I have to say, I have never in my life had my mouth water so much by a plate of salad. I must admit (and I know its shocking and ever so slightly embarrassing) I am a MAJOR junk food whore. So the thought of a salad would naturally make me puke as much as the thought of a poonani.

But these delicious foods are something I am totally lusting over and CANNOT wait to get my mum to wisk me up some sexy salad time! 


Fake Karl- Love Love Love it!

Absolute Beaut. I've placed my order, have you? Buy it here

The Zoe Report: Issue 5

Sunglasses are seen to many as protection from the sun. But to a lot of fashionistas its protective armour. To hide your boredom in meaningless conversations, to hide your eye makeup in the morning from the night before or even to hide your tired masking eyes. So our very own RZ has named her collection of sunnies, quite rightly so; "Do not disturb signs".

These beautiful Barton Perriera "do not disturbs" will set you back up to $525, but its definitely an investment piece. The multi coloured shades will give life and bring colours onto anyones dampen face! So to order your own pair visit

Saturday, 8 August 2009

On Your Mark's... Get Set... Gucci

Celebrity collaborations within fashion houses are becoming increasingly fashionesque. Just like Kanye West for Louis Vuitton, Gucci have announced a new baby to their collection; The Mark Ronson sneaker! The amazing sneakers will come with quirky little details such as having the opportunity to get your initials embossed onto a leather tag to the laces, and you'll even get a 12" vinyl with all Ronson's exclusively produced tracks. The fierce sneakers will be hitting stores in the US in October 2009 and then hitting the UK sometime next year. But I have to say that I certainly jumped in excitement when I heard the news about this collaboration more so than Kanye West for LV, as Ronson is some effing hot piece of work!


Friday, 7 August 2009

Topshop Topjob!

As I sit here on my sofa flicking through this months ELLE magazine, I couldn't help but notice this beautiful TOPSHOP advertisement. I j'adore this gorgeous slouchy studded boyfriend blazer! And I've been trying to find it online and in store but couldn't find it anywhere!

Anyone know where I can get it from?!?!

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The Zoe Report: Issue 4

The latest issue of RZ's newsletter involves LA based designer Raquel Allegra. Her super soft shredded tees have won her a cult following. Celebs such as Loran Conrad, Nicole Ritchie and even Cameron Diaz have been spotted wearing these hot, must-have tshirts. 

RZ goes onto say that she's "personally obssessed with the Striped Shredded Top, because the hand-dyed finish takes me back to my dead days... These tees would look awesome with a pair of leggings or denim jeans and a leather jacket, alongside some studded biker boots to achieve a fashion-forward look this fall."

You can purchase the Tops from boutiques like Curve or even check out to find out more information.


Thursday, 6 August 2009

Keegan Singh

This 31-year-old stylist is the man behind many of the most breathe taking shoots known to man. His seriously busy schedule is always booked by fashion bibles such as Vogue, V, Vman, Purple and even publications like The New York Times. With his big humongous quiff, his super tight skinny jeans and his seriously high man heels, he's a real charmer and I totally j'adore him!

I love what he has to say about anything to do with everything so when a interview with Keegan is published anywhere I get disgustingly excited like a heterosexual on speed (seriously!). Asked about what he thinks every man should have in his wardrobe, he said. "A white button-down shirt, and I think they should all have Trash & Vaudeville jeans. Some men's Balenciaga. East Village meets French boy, Parisians. It's really hot. That's my personal style aesthetic. If you have a rocker look, I swear girls will go for it."

He's been a real thinspiration  to me and I've followed his career from day one. His eye catching images are just outstanding with great fashion moments. This man really knows what he is doing, but its so hard to believe he never came from a fashion background. Asked about how he got into the industry he explained. "When I moved here I started working in fashion PR at KCD. I didn't even know really what a stylist did- I never went to school for fashion or anything like that. I came in clueless and just started working right away in the business- I think thats the best way to learn."

The Zoe Report: Issue 3

Do you feel tired? Have you woken up and felt like your eyes are about to drop to the ground? Wanted a solution to "give you an instant eyelift in minutes"? Well according to Rachel Zoe's latest issue released today; Skyn Iceland's Hydra Cool Firming Eye Gels are the answer!

Apparently RZ reccomeds it to all her clients and always uses it before a red carpet event (and there I was thinking RZ had a real LA style face life!). You can purchase them online and only costs $45 for a box of 6.

The September Issue

The most important issue of the year, THE September issue; a point-to-point guide to the latest trends, designers and fashion lifestyle tips. The cover has the beautiful Kate Moss captured by Testino. This year the issue will be slightly different, as it will feature the years biggest shopping event; Fashion's Night Out.

The event, on September 10 will be consult of all the biggest fashion capitals to get together and boycott the recession- with a spot of retail therapy. Click here to find out more about the event.

Wednesday, 5 August 2009

These Images Are Beautiful

I know these pictures are all so different, yet so beautiful. I just had to post them up for the pleasure of just displaying them on my page. FIT.

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