Thursday, 27 August 2009

Is This What Fashion Has Become?

Whilst I sit here typing this, I feel anger. Rage. Disappointment. I eat fashion. I live fashion. I breath fashion. So why is fashion always targeted towards women? More and more men have become increasingly aware of their looks and are willing to spend serious £££'s to make themselves look like the shits. So why do I feel like I am left out? The so called "female species" is becoming extinct within fashion as the males are roaring to go and break the moulds with style. But I am really pissed off walking through Topshop's womenswear and seeing the most trendiest high street garment known to British fashion or shopping in Harvey Nichols and just wetting myself in excitement with the sight of a DVF dress. But upon entering menswear I feel disgusted, I feel like ripping a female vagina to pieces and scream in my head WHY OH WHY??? All I see is bland, lifeless, unflattering clothes which maybe nice for one occasion but nothing more. 

Then you get vile, disgusting, stinky, slobby, awful, hideous, obese waste of space so called Perez Hilton starting to comment on fashion when we all know his judgement is unfair, wrong and classless. Is this what fashion has become?

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  1. Amen, honey! I agree, when I think of men's fashion all I can think of are all the nice suits. Everything else just doesn't seem up to scratch. If I was a guy I may just wear suits every single day!

  2. Its so true though! I don't understand why designers just don't make mens clothes that bit more interesting! Especially when most of the menswear designers are MEN!

  3. The clue was in the word Topman (sick in my mouth). Yeah, some of their girl fashion is fun to buy and wear for a night out, but only because it looks funky on a man's body. Topman is for boys. You wouldn't go shopping in the Early Learning Centre would you?

    Or would you?

  4. Slightly scared of u now!! totally agree though, theres hardly anything nice in menswear its dull and boring, i feel for u! x