Thursday, 6 August 2009

Keegan Singh

This 31-year-old stylist is the man behind many of the most breathe taking shoots known to man. His seriously busy schedule is always booked by fashion bibles such as Vogue, V, Vman, Purple and even publications like The New York Times. With his big humongous quiff, his super tight skinny jeans and his seriously high man heels, he's a real charmer and I totally j'adore him!

I love what he has to say about anything to do with everything so when a interview with Keegan is published anywhere I get disgustingly excited like a heterosexual on speed (seriously!). Asked about what he thinks every man should have in his wardrobe, he said. "A white button-down shirt, and I think they should all have Trash & Vaudeville jeans. Some men's Balenciaga. East Village meets French boy, Parisians. It's really hot. That's my personal style aesthetic. If you have a rocker look, I swear girls will go for it."

He's been a real thinspiration  to me and I've followed his career from day one. His eye catching images are just outstanding with great fashion moments. This man really knows what he is doing, but its so hard to believe he never came from a fashion background. Asked about how he got into the industry he explained. "When I moved here I started working in fashion PR at KCD. I didn't even know really what a stylist did- I never went to school for fashion or anything like that. I came in clueless and just started working right away in the business- I think thats the best way to learn."

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