Tuesday, 4 August 2009

What Is Fashion?

I loved this recent definition of "What is Fashion", taken from CeeCee Wears Chanel.


It's all those ordinary people showing up in something extraordinary, making everyone and everything else around them look noir, like a black and white movie and they're the only ones who are colored. It's the action, the pose, the hand gestures, the cigarettes, the Starbucks coffee in hand, the music, the smile, the age, it's Greek Goddesses, Egyptian Queens, Marie Antoinettes, cool kids in semi-sheer T by Alexander Wang, black-painted nails, red-painted nails, Jennifer Connelly in Balmain, feather-ostrich dresses by Celine, shoulder pads on Balenciaga dresses, Mary-Kate Olsen, more and more of Mary-Kate Olsen, bright yellow leather Manolos, ripped leggings, that girl with uncombed hair and black eyeliner in a Michael Oats photography, it's just everything. 

Oh and Rodarte, Balenciaga, Balmain, Lanvin and Chanel too. Lots of Rodarte Rodarte Rodarte. And extra Balenciaga. And yes Balmain. Because we belong to the same world. And Alexander Wang, a lot of Alexander Wang. Because we're Asians and Asians stick together. 



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