Monday, 22 February 2010


I shall have to be very honest, I j'adore a bit of Viv, but when I went to her SS10 collection back in September I left extremely disappointed. Her previous collection was rather dull, dated and to be honest it's something I had seen before so nothing took me aback.

However, this season was entirely different. Westwood totally raised her game, in my opinion, with lots of vibrant colours, fits and shapes with a touch of frills and cute dresses to give the collection that feminine touch. I was glad to see that this season Westwood toned down the whole "celeb catwalking" tradition as I feel it's something that's not necessary. Last season was overdone with Lisa from Big Brother appearing on the catwalk and also Pixie Geldof. But I was still a tad dissapointed when I saw a picture of Pixie on the runway.

I have very strong opinions of Pixie and firmly believe that the entire Geldof family are the vermin of society and will one day ruin our entire fashion scene. Pixie is not a socialite, she is not a cool fashion kid, and she is certainly not a catwalk model. So why the fuck use her? Urgh.

Anyways, overall for me the whole collection seemed to be amazing. I've always had faith in Viv and she's proved to me why she is the greatest British fashion designer of all time. Purely because she is so unique. I just totally love the way she uses trends and mixes them in her own individual style.

A job well done Viv!


  1. Love it!
    very eccentric,
    totally agree about Pixie lol

    Jess x

  2. Oh I adore Viv. This season definitely looked way better than the previous. nice to meet you the other day!