Thursday, 25 February 2010


On Tuesday night, Selfridges had hosted a party in their Wonder room to celebrate the Alice Temperley collection and amazingly enough, it was the Alice in Wonderland theme.

Once you got there, you were greeted by two bunny rabbits you were handing out sexy playing cards and to get into the party you walked through a tunnel (the only time in my life I actually felt like Alice) it was pretty amazing. As soon as you entered, you were welcomed by an open bar of cocktails and retro music that would make anyone let their hair down! It was full of London socialites, fashionistas and party people who meant something... This was a party you knew that was going to be big.

Selfridges always seems to amaze me, it could be their art deco, collections within the store or even the sheer effort that the PR team actually put into hosting such an amazing event! I dread to think how much all this would have even cost... eek!

Later on through the night, the band New York Pony Club performed and I have to say this is one band you do NOT want to fuck with! They were totally and utterly awesome! Trust me, the only beats that ever make me dance in my sad and lonely life are either by Britney Spears or Lady 'Manwhore' Gaga, but this band just made me want to push every fashionsita aside and make me want to dance like a loony! The whole time they performed everyone was just there busting their hottest moves!

I got chatting to a few industry insiders and met a bunch of really cool people! The night was quite amazing but my highlight of the night was probably meeting Lily Russo from Grazia Magazine! She is totally j'adorable and we had a bit of a banter at the bar about her gorgeous knitted Pringle top. You can see the picture below, I want to actually look like her one day!

Overall, it was an amazing night and want to thank Selfridges for inviting me. A great way to finish of LFW and hopefully there will be many more to come!

Friends with Tolula Adeyemi

London fashionista's

Lily Russo, Grazia fashion assistant in Pringle

Me, Lady Lloyd in a bit of Viv & Sam

Me, Zoe (Topshop Blogger)

Henry Conway & friend

New Young Pony Club!


  1. Literally want to kill you for being here whilst I was at college...haha.
    Looks like you had a fabulous time and sincerely mean I'm so so pleased for you that you got invited! Lily Russo too = love her.

    Confused as to why you have New York Pong Club and then New Young Pony Club...?! Shall assume you mean the latter ;)

    lotsofloveee x

  2. Eek thats for the point out! Was an error haha x