Tuesday, 2 March 2010


People say fashion is a religion, which for some it is. You may think fashion and food can never go together but believe me you could never be further away from the truth.

If fashion is a religion then Ping Pong dim sums are like the bread for communion and the cocktails are like the red wine. I still rant and rave about Ping Pong because it is one place in London I cannot get enough of. The whole relaxed atmosphere, amazing food, cocktails and chilled out music really makes you feel like a real life Gossip Girl or even a member of SATC. I know this is going to sound so strange but I totally feel this every time I enter a Ping Pong restaurant. It's like putting on a sexy Alexander McQueen outfit, you instantly feel a lot more confident, sexy and ready to go; Eating in a Ping Pong restaurant gives you exactly the same feeling. You feel cool, sexy and important and the best thing is, it's still very affordable!

Ping Pong have just released their brand new menu which I have tried and trust me it is absolutely gorgeous! Everything from Prawn, Chicken or Vegetarian, Ping Pong can cater to all your needs so you really do not have to worry about any problems with your food.

Below are some images of the new dishes which are now on the menu. Try 'em out!

06 Chive dumplings
King prawn and chives in an elegant green chive pastry

21 Spinach and Prawn wrap
Prawns rolled up in spinach, steamed and served with shallots and soy sauce

271 Ginger cake
Baked moist Ginger cake served with a scoop of sorbet

264 Maodou
Freshly steamed soya beans served warm in their pot and sprinkled with celery salt

197 Chilli Squid
Chilli Squid with a crispy coating, served with a spicy Mango sauce

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  1. oops sorry i just drooled!! mmm looks so lussshh!! x