Tuesday, 30 March 2010


Grazia are always pushing the boundaries when it comes to creating a look. This time they wanted to push it out all they way to Heathrow's Terminal 5!

The first magazine to have ever shot a spread in T5 with designers such as Calvin Klein, Jill Sander and Donna Karen. Whilst watching the video, above, it has really inspired me. As many of you will know I am filming a menswear fashion film for my final project at uni, and this is the sort of thing I am exactly looking for! The art direction, lighting and styling just looks superb. I didn't realise how amazing T5 actually is, architecture wise. What a great location for a great shoot!

Does this mean Heathrow can now be called "the most fashionable airport in the world"? What do you think?


  1. If any of my shopping splurges in Heathrow tell me anything, it's that it certainly is the most fashionable airport... T5 has enough high-end shops to keep me entertained for hours... Add in good architecture, Gordon Ramsay's restaurant and Itsu for fat-free frozen yoghurt and I could spend days there...


  2. Wow this looks awesome. I'm thinking big fat yes! in answer to your question. And I never realised how amazing T5 is either. xxx