Friday, 19 March 2010


Because Magazine is an online based magazine which is set to catapult into cyber's fashion world. Brought to you by the Tank Magazine team, I am totally hooked to this site and I'm constantly viewing it about 10 times a day to gather inspiration for my final year uni project at London College of Fashion. I'm filming a menswear style guide and need as much inspiration I can get to make my film as amazing as I want it to be.

What is so different about this is the fact that it's not all about words and editorials, but it's about moving images. It has amazing online fashion videos which are fun, creative and always make you think about the outfit. The styling and camera work is brilliant in almost all the videos, so it totally captivates you. After all, Caroline Issa, who is the Fashion Director at Tank is Editor-in-chief of Because Magazine, so you are bound to be given a product which definitely delivers!

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