Monday, 15 March 2010


This is probably the most coolest street wear/pyjamas to have hit the London fashion scene in ages. Meet 'Kigu' which is short for 'Kigurumi', it literally translates as 'costumed animal character' in Japanese.

I first came across it through my friend Bonita, pictured below, who had put up a link of the quirky garment on her Facebook. Have to say, when I first saw it I instantly fell in love with it, so I started delving deep into the brand itself and found they had many other cool designs. Kigu is the only place outside of Asia that stocked these insane costumes and now have jumped onto the band wagon.

Bonita looking rather awesome in her Kugi Care Bear outfit.

Kigus are totally unique and you're probably not going to see many people wearing them down the street, but hey this is London. Kigus all come in one size so no matter how tall, short, slim or curvy you are, you're bound to fit into them! You can either wear them out and about or just lounge around at home with them, it's entirely up to you. The second I get paid I will be ordering my j'adorable cow costume! Click here to check out the Kigu website for more unique costumes.


  1. serious credit to you if you wear this out!

  2. Pay day is sooooo far can you possibly wait that long?! :)

    I love these...they do matching accessories? You could go for a whole look then with matching bag and shoes. I'd personally love a zebra one!