Wednesday, 10 March 2010


It was probably the smallest show in Alexander McQueens history and probably not one that he has originally planned. But set in an 18th-centuary mansion owned by the Gucci Group, it was still as breath taking as how he had imagined it to be.

Instead of the many thousands fighting over a seat during his spectacular shows, this one was very different in many ways. A small group of people including journalists and the owner of PPR who was also McQueens boss were only present at the salon style presentation.

McQueen once said that his shows overpowered the clothes, but not in this instance. High-necked, closely fitted to the body with beautiful embroidery which took you back to the French Renaissance period. Satin, silk and curvy shoulders gave his garments a truly elegant touch with the McQueen legacy clearing coming to life before our eyes.

It was a bit strange flicking through the images of the show and it was a haunting experience. I am sure everyone who attended the show felt McQueen's presence just as much as I did just by going through the images of his last and final collection.