Thursday, 18 March 2010


Uggs are ugly. FACT. Uggs are for a social suicide. FACT. Uggs will make you deformed. FACT.

Yes that is right boys & girls, wearing Uggs can lead you to a lifetime of foot deformities! And to be honest THANK FUCKING GOD! If you don't believe me, you can hear it from the expert himself...

"Because these boots are warm and soft, young girls think they are giving their feet a break. In fact, they are literally breaking their feet... With just six months of wear women could saddle themselves with a lifetime of foot deformitie." Dr. Ian Drysdale, the head of British College of Osteopathic Medicine.

It's a vile mostrosity to ever hit footwear and we need to get rid of them all! Click here for the full article in the Daily Mail.


  1. UGGs Aren't always pretty but you are LYING if you say they aren't comfortable. I always had an aversion to them and then, hell, I bought a pair and, OH. MY. GOD. My mind has never been SOO changed. They feel like pillows on your feet. I've come to love and care for my pair like a SIBLING. I wear them to the corner shop like a slipper, I wear them in my house like a LOVER for my feet.

    UGGS are awful but only for people that haven't discovered them. You try a pair and you NEVER go back. LIKE BLACK. And trust me, it's as good.

  2. I think you have taken this slightly out of proportion, like anything worn or eaten to excess its bad for you,

    I read an article with Trevor Prior as an expert, who is a consultant podiatric surgeon from The Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists

    He said which agrees with your argument: “When you wear this style of boot, both your ankle and foot slide around unsupported. This can have a knock on effect to your leg, hip or pelvis. Over time, this could potentially lead to back problems and wear and tear on the joints on the inside of the foot.”

    BUT HE ALSO ADDED: “Some ‘Ugg’ boots are more supportive than others so if you do want to wear this type of shoe, opt for versions with reinforced support in the heel and around the ankle. We’re not saying that women shouldn’t wear these boots, but that they should be aware of the impact that they could be having on their feet. As with all things, it’s a case of moderation and wearing the right shoe for the right job, if you’re going to be walking around for long periods then opt for a more supportive shoe.”

    I think you need to learn to share the facts on more medical statements......

  3. Yes he does say that, but the reason why I posted this post was because I totally despise Uggs no matter what colour, size or material they are. This post is not meant to be about any medical advice, it is about what I think of them.

    Harry- I will agree with you that Uggs are very comfortable, and even though I agree that women are better off wearing them at home, I don't want to see them on the streets. For me, they are in the same category as the shell suit.

  4. THANKYOOOUUU!!! HAHAHA this made me laugh soo very much and I 1000% agree with you! I almost disowned my best friend when she succumbed..
    I actually half love seeing people walking more on the side of their Ugg than the sole, all i can do is be smug that i'm not deforming myself, mahh!

  5. Uggs are ugly but like wearing a duvet around your feet. However, it doesn't mean they should be worn in public, well an emergency dash for milk and tea bags maybe. I don't care if other people love them, me and my un-deformed feet are perfectly happy without them.

    Much Love

  6. I must admit I hate Uggs, but in the summer I wear my FitFlops to death. I know Fitflops are also a bit ugly, but they are comfy and good for your feet - they've retrainded my weak ankles. I did see a guy in Uggs at the station yesterday though and he looked laughable.

  7. A man wearing Uggs?? Wow!! That's something i've never seen before. Please tell me he was wearing a Juicy Couture tracksuit and had a Katie Price perma tan as well...that would make my year! :)

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  9. UGGS arent bad they are beautiful and if you don't like them than don't look at them and you guys say that they hurt your feeet ive been wearing uggs since i was 2 and i dont have any defortmitie so,FACT they are freakin wrong