Tuesday, 23 March 2010


I guess the cyber world is officially the most fashionable source out there! Grazia Magazine have come up with a new and exciting way of reading your latest issue by bringing it to life before your very eyes!

I was so amazed when I logged onto youtube to find this latest video that Grazia Daily had uploaded onto their page. Grazia's editor-in-chief, Jane Bruton, and the fashion team talk you through on how to make most of your latest issue and by god it's bloody genius! How on earth did Vogue miss this one?? You can move your hand from left to right, or up and down from your webcam to see the Grazia team looking faboosh in the latest must haves. If that isn't enough, just place the front cover in front of your webcam to get Grazia's latest cover girl, Florence Welch to sing to you! Pure and utter class! Watch the video below and subscribe to Grazia Daily on Youtube here!

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