Friday, 19 March 2010


She is the hottest thing to have ever come out of America. She is a full blooded victim to fashion. She is as crazy as Anna Wintours knickers (not that I know what they look like but we can all imagine they would be impeccable!). She is FASHION.

Brix Smith-Start co-owns Start boutique alongside her oh so sexy husband Philip Start. Together the powerful couple have tailored what looks like an amazing fashion strategy to dress London's finest fashion kidz. The Start duo will definitely go down in the fashion history books as the Branjelina of fashion.

Upon entering Start Boutique which is based in the East End's trendy Shoreditch, you are immersed with a lifetime of j'adorable designers, from Acne to Wang, right through to Erdem and Nicholas Kirkwood. I will never forget the first time I actually stepped foot in Start boutique, it is very conveniently placed next door to Devetta PR, the fashion PR company I interned with during SS10. The minute I went inside and was welcomed with rails of gorgeous clothing I almost orgasmed like Jenna Jamison on coke.

What I love about the boutique is that it really does offer a very unique shopping experience. Everything is laid out very accessibly so you don't have to feel like your rummaging through a pile of East End nonsense. The staff are amazing and you always feel welcomed when you're there. They seem to have an amazing wealth of knowledge about fashion, I mean come on, if you are working for the wildest fashion sexual healer then you really need to look the part. It's like a walking catwalk!

It's a place that seems like an honour for me to work. I wonder how you would get a job there? Being a PR bitch for Start would be like being a PR bitch for Matches and Browns put together! Oh and by the way, follow Brix on Twitter! I swear you will be pissing your pants on the bus with her disgustingly fashionable yet hilarious tweets!


  1. Even her dogs are fashionable...she sweats chic. I love love love this woman!

  2. Adore this gal's tweets - cool, glamourous yet breathlessly excitable all in one hit. And how she LOVES HER UPPERCASE!!!

  3. She is totally j'adorable! She really brightens up my day!

  4. lol! I love Brix! I wanted her to win each week on Gok's Fashion fix! and yes - I do piss my pants when I read her twits on the train )P! Go Brix!