Thursday, 4 March 2010


Blogging has existed ever since the time when internet became mainstream, but we have only began to gain exposure. Many big corporations and fashion houses out there now acknowledge that blogging is the future, technology is the way forward and the single most quickest way to get a story out to the public... is by blogging.

There are millions of bloggers out there who blog every single day, many of them multiple times a day and we don't do it because we have been told to, we do it because we want to. No one pays me to sit on my sorry arse all day just to write something about them on my blog, I only write what I feel deserves to be written about on my blog. Countless emails from PR's every single day but I choose what I want to mention because this is MY personal space and in MY own time. My writing style is probably very different to a lot of blogs out there because I do not draft a copy before I post. It's very no holds barred and I write exactly what I am thinking in that precise moment just as I would be talking to somebody face to face. It may make people laugh, or it even may offend certain people, but this is me. There are no barriers with Ozzy, I write my own and honest opinion.

During LFW, I felt a backlash against bloggers. It wasn't only me but many other blogger friends of mine have felt this way and we have discussed it countless amount of times that journalists often look down upon us. At one show that I was invited to, I was seated front row next to a journalist, "What is it that you do?" She asked. I replied very politely saying "My name's Ozzy and I have a fashion blog called We Scream Style". She had then flipped out asking the PR why I was seated front row and that if he could possibly move me, the PR saved my arse and replied, "Well if there is a problem I can move you instead." Even when the bloggers would to go to the press lounge within Somerset House we were given some nasty looks, looks of disapproval, looks of disgust, like we were nothing.

I appreciate some journo's out there have worked all their lives and many of them have qualified as journalists with degree's and all of a sudden students who blog are getting as much recognition as they are. But all I wanted to say to those journo's who look down on us for no reason is... FUCK YOU. There are tons of journalists out there who j'adore blogs and bloggers and recognise the importance of bloggers within todays society but for all of you evil, nasty, low life, self loathing, obese piece of scum journalists who look down on bloggers I only have one thing to say to you.... GET YOUR UGLY HEADS OUT OF YOUR ARSES AND LOOK WHERE YOUR GOING BECAUSE US BLOGGERS ARE HERE TO STAY AND WE WILL MILK EVERY LITTLE RECOGNITION WE GET BECAUSE WE DESERVE EVERY LITTLE OUNCE OF IT!

Rant Over! :) x


  1. I blog myself as you know but I do slightly disagree with this. The difference is most journalists speak with an informed voice, yes a blog is about your opinion but in the end a journalist has the experience and the talent to be recognised and paid for their opinion as well as, what I would consider, the prerequisite skill with the English language which most bloggers are woefully devoid of. It's actually incredibly easy to write 'opinion pieces' which is why we, fashion journalism students, are banned from churning them out because any Tom, Dick or, well, Harry can rant for a few paragraphs (not you but generally) but it's not intelligent, well written, well researched journalism. Good journalism is a skill and a craft and there now exists an hypocrisy where bloggers, and I did mention I blog myself, are forever preaching about how they are the 'future of fashion journalism' and whilst I love the fact people are free to express their opinions and we live in a kind of equalitarian culture it shouldn't ever be used as a means to demean the work of journalists. Give me a carefully crafted article by a professional journalist and a two-a-penny 'I love this because...' 'I hate this because...' and I know which one I would PAY to read. Peace x

  2. Of course, you are right. However, I have never claimed to be a future fashion journo. In fact I never really want to be a fashion journo. My grammer and punctuation is pretty crap but like I said blogs are very personal. We may get invited to shows, parties and events but that is only because companies want that exposure. There are many great and amazing journalists out there but bloggers are not out there to snatch their jobs. We get recognition for our own blogs, our own personal styles and it's a great way to make contacts especially if you are a student. But this hesitation some bloggers receive from journo's is pathetic in my books x

  3. I think bloggers are to blame for that though! I think your above comment is absolutely correct. Blogging is a means of self expression and if people enjoy it then great but the problem lies with those that feel because they have obtained some degree of notoriety that they are on a par with a fashion columnist from any national paper. I'm sorry but they aren't and that attitude is not only delusional but it's incredibly unbecoming. It's like a painter and decorator thinking he's the same as a painter whose work is hung in the Tate. Most bloggers are in it for the enjoyment and the creative outlet but it is the few who have developed a 'Wintour' complex that breeds a sense of animosity.x

  4. We-ell. I think there needs to be room for everyone. The guest list is up to the designer/PR. If they want to invite journalists and bloggers then they need to make sure there is enough room for both. My issue at this LFW was that the venues and the press office (and 'bloggers' bar') were just too small to accomodate everyone. If there was enough room then we caould all coexist happily.

    What happens now is that you have say, 500 tickets sent out for a show that seats 200 with 50 standing. Even if 100 people don't turn up, that still leaves 150 unhappy people who won't fit inside the venue whether they are journalists, bloggers, friends of the family, whoever. That's when you get animosity. If the PRs could be more targeted with their guest list and only invite the journos/bloggers really relevant to the brand OR find a venue big enough to accomodate everyone, then the problem would be solved.

    Journalists get angry because they feel they (and their colleagues) are trying to do their job while they feel bloggers are there in a non-serious capacity (I know that's not true). Bloggers feel upset because they have been invited and have every right to be there. As you point out, in many cases, the bloggers probably get more coverage than some of the journos. Hopefully next season will be better organised as the PRs learn from their mistakes.

    Let's hope so.

  5. I'm a journalist as well as a blogger, & I find this post needlessly offensive, & unhelpful for those bloggers who wish to be taken seriously, & in a professional manner.

  6. This post is not there to cause offence to anybody. I have not directed an attack to every single journalist out there, it is to those journalists who look down upon bloggers. I have mentioned in the post there are many journos out there who support bloggers but many who loath them.

    That is my personal stance against certain journalists. Again, sorry for any offence caused x

  7. How did the journos get to where they are? They all had to start somewhere, and this is today's equivalent of doing work experience at the local paper, in my eyes it shows more dedication, explaining your vision through words and pictures on the internet.