Friday, 26 March 2010


London Fashion Week is over, so, now is the time for press days. The press day invites kicked off firstly with Mulberry, if you read my blog regularly you'll know how much I j'adore Mulberry. Getting to see the clothes up front was amazing and I have to say, I spotted a few goodies I know I will want once they are out.

Mulberry's colour pallet for this season was quite prominant and something that I truly loved; The three main colour trends were nude, black and purple. I'm very pleased to see how Emma Hill has raised the game with the ready-to-wear for Mulberry and I think it's time Mulberry has kind of stepped away from its 'just accessories' image. The ready-to-wear collection is very feminine with its tailoring. I saw a lot of frills, gems and fur this season, and I can't really complain! Mulberry totally has it in the bag.

I spotted two things which really stood out for me. The nude hooded coat, and also, the mens canvas backpack with leather trims. It was totally j'adorable and now I am almost lusting over the Mulberry backpack more than the Alexa, dare I say! It's gorgeous. Backpacks have become increasingly fashionable lately, Both Givenchy and Alexander Wang have also started to follow the fash pack with the backpack trend!

Mulberry gone vintage? J'adore!

My new love! The Mulberry backpack!

This is really cute, the heart on the sweater is actually a pocket!

Loving a bit of Rabbit fur

This piece is clever. The brooch on the top is actually knotted so you can wear it as a bracelet or necklace if you want!


  1. Oh sweet Jesus look at all those lovely things!! Those blue boots are too sexy for words!!!

  2. Love the black dress, fab shape.

  3. I wish I could wear those blue boots! They're stunning. Oh and I love the rabbit fur coat!!

  4. OMG! very jelaous! BTW I asked at heathrow mulberry concession if black alexa (w/o snake leather trim) is coming out soon - sales girls were clueless, so was the online customer support. You sure it's coming out in April? coz I'm ready for it )P

  5. From what I have been told it is April! :)

  6. I couldn't wait! I got the oak leopard print Alexa today! All my bags are black - hope I won't regret this one :(! Thanks for inspiration!

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  8. ^ It's nice to have a different colour. I really want the tan (Oak) Alexa. Can't find it anywhere.

    Also, I'm completely in love with this collection. That heart pocket jumper is love.