Wednesday, 10 February 2010


As we all know, the world came together after the devastating earthquake that shook Haiti to the ground on 12th January 2010. To raise money and help the people of Haiti who are now homeless and suffering from starvation, the American fashion industry has come together and executed one amazing product that can save many lives; "Fashion for Haiti" t-shirt, designed by Peter Arnell.

Arnell, is the brains behind many fundraiser t-shirts such as the mended heart logo in 2001 for the "Fashion for America" fundraiser. Designers from across America have collaborated and are helping make this fundraiser a success and so can you, by doing your bit.

Retailing at $25, the t-shirt will go on sale February 16th. To purchase you're very own "Fashion for Haiti" tee go the CFDA website.

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