Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Every Fashionista Needs A Fashionable Car

Ever wanted to buy a car but the thought of a commission hungry, ruthless, fashion deprived salesman put you off? Well Shaks Specialist Cars is here to save you. This hidden gem tucked away in the prominent village of Huddersfield in Sunny West Yorkshire provides you complete luxury service. 

Buying a car from SSC is like buying a new Zenga suit. You will purchase something that will feel right, look right and most importantly will be quality guaranteed. Cars ranging from a top of the range Bentley to a classic Aston Martin. A style diva will be spoilt for choice just like entering a Christian Dior boutique.

Shak, the young 28-year-old entrepreneur of SSC has set the hearts racing of many style diva's who have bought a car of him; with his dashing looks and cool, trendy customized uniform, his showroom has been a favourite of many celebrities and fashionistas alike.

Check out SSC's website here. Its pure fitness.


  1. I so love that car! It really looks so fashionable and at the same time modern-looking. It really rocks! Thank you for this post and for sharing the SSC site. I am sure I am going to love this!

  2. For those who want to live a fashionable lifestyle, having a customized car does not come cheap. Aside from the great specs that you car must have, safety and proper maintenance should also be considered. A car does not only look good but the driver should feel comfortable while on the road as well.