Monday, 13 July 2009

Pakistani Fashion

When you picture a Pakistani woman from Karachi or Lahore, you may picture her to be covered up from head to toe in a loose black burka submitting herself to God. But when I picture a Pakistani woman, I picture her as a major fashionista who has legs as long as a Giraffe's neck. I feel Pakistan is never looked at as a fashion forward country, so I thought I would set the record straight and shed some light on this up and coming industry.

Pakistani fashion is really going places with designers such as Nayna, HSY, Hajra Hayat and Banto Kazmi. Pakistani models have been walking the ramps of Milan, New York, Paris and London for a long time but under foreign labels. So now its great to see many well known models like Amina Sheikh who have really helped introduce the Pakistani fashion industry to Western audiences. 

Here are some fierce pictures of Amina Sheikh

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