Friday, 6 November 2009

How To Be Adored...

Ever wanted to look and feel like Marilyn Monroe or Grace Kelly? Want to walk down the street and have people look at you and whisper "god that woman is G.L.A.M.O.R.O.U.S." then I really really REALLY recommend that you read this book.

Today I slightly wet myself when I was in the presence of the world renowned fashion historian Caroline Cox, her witty personality, uncontrollable laughter and relaxed dress sense just grabbed my attention and maybe even made me wish I could have babies with her! That woman knew what she was talking about and I really could not believe I was sitting in class listening to her talk about her new book.

Even though it is targeted towards women, I couldn't help but feel very inspired by the words in this book. I loved the quote at the back "There is no such thing as an ugly woman. There are only those who have not realized their true beauty." It really hit home how many women there are out there who have such low self- esteem. If you're big, you should remember you're still beautiful and the book even tells you that "big women can still buy designers" and she even lists a whole list of designers who cater for that clientele. Also, what was amazing about this book was that it goes through all different body shapes and what you can and can't wear! Its a gem...

... I have to agree that this is the new style bible and the best thing is, it is so easy to read and digest and it talks to you, not at you. Style guru's such as Gok Wan and Trinny & Susannah have nothing on Cox especially when she so modestly admitted today, "I am not a style guru". Which to a certain extent maybe true as this book is more of an insight into the secrets of the most glamorous ladies who have existed and still exist from Audrey Hepburn right through to Beyonce.

So ladies if you want to look good, feel good and feel like REAL woman, I highly suggest you get this book! PLUS she signed the book for me too!


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