Sunday, 10 January 2010


I am so angry, so disturbed and so disappointed that I can actually feel my piss boiling and venom about to spit out!

Tonight I went to my friend Reena's birthday dinner and as Ping Pong is usually our favourite hang out spot, Reena only naturally chose that place to have her little get together. We had loads of fun and laughter until we were served by the ever so horrendous, pale and rather unfortunate looking manager of their Eastcastle Street restaurant.

As it is a Sunday, Ping Pong have a special offer called 'Lazy Sumdays' which basically means all you can eat for £18. Quite a deal right? So, we ordered lots of food as we were extremely hungry and the manager who took down our order first says to me "WHY ARE YOU ORDERING SO MUCH? I DON'T LIKE WASTING FOOD... CHILDREN ARE DYING IN AFRICA BECAUSE OF STARVATION" I mean wtf??? We are paying the bill! We are paying for what we are ordering! What the fuck has it got to do with you, you bloody donut!?!?!?

So, I let that one slide even though I was in disbelief? We managed to eat the majority of the food thanks to one of Reena's friends Naz. Later on, our good friend Fiona came along with one of her friend, Grace, to say happy birthday to Reena. Fiona and her Grace didn't want to order the 'Lazy Sumday' so they were made to sit "separately" from the group which was absolutely ridiculous! Then Fiona and her Grace just tried a tiny big of our food, like I mean TINY bit of food just to taste and the stupid manager charged them both for the buffet! I mean what sort of policy is that??? If the food is being paid for, who cares who's mouth it goes in to? We then spoke to the manager who was absolutely rude to us about the whole situation, I have never been spoken to like that in my life, her attitude stank like she has never washed in her life! Finally, she agreed to void the bits that they hardly ate... Still with her stinking attitude

THEN, when we all paid, Fiona and Grace needed a £1 change back (that place did NOT deserve any kind of tip) ... THE MANAGER GAVE THE £1 CHANGE BACK IN COPPERS! How bloody rude? Not 2 50p's or 5 20p's but COPPERS!!! I have never seen such disgusting behavior, I really hope Ping Pong get to read this post and do something about it.

It has really put me off Ping Pong and totally destroyed the experience of enjoying the food!


  1. My lord....that is atrocious behaviour! Similar thing happened at one of friend's bday dinners at Pasha on Gloucester Road. Guess what? We have never been since!

  2. Awww darling you've posted already! I have to say, I was very disappointed with the behaviour and attitude of our waitress..even more so when I realised she was the manager. It's very sad as I've been going to Ping Pong for years but I'm definitely not going to go back after this. I had a great time due to my gorgeous friends but the attitude of the staff left all 15 of us with a very sour taste.


  3. OMFG WTF what eejits! So sad I couldn't come to witness this travesty anyways...

  4. I know right! It's awful, I am definitely not going back ever again.

  5. Manager would have got a Bradfordian Arse Kicking if I was there loool! :o)

  6. Hi Ozzy,

    I am just writing to offer our sincerest apologies to you and your friends following your recent visit to Ping Pong.On behalf of everyone at Ping Pong we are sorry that we did not meet your expectations, particularly as this was a birthday celebration. At Ping Pong we want to make sure that every customer has an outstanding experience each and every time they visit one of our restaurants and this should translate to amazing food and drink as well as outstanding service.

    The level of service which you experienced is unacceptable. We have discussed this incident with the restaurant manager to ensure that this type of incident will not happen again.

    Again, please accept our sincerest apologies.

    Tina English,

    Commercial Director, Ping Pong