Friday, 8 January 2010


We've all heard of the new 'IT' bag, 'IT' dog and 'IT' mobile phone, but this is the coolest accessory to ever hit our stores; The Chanel tattoo!

Don't freak out, if tattoos aren't you're thing then don't worry because they ARE temporary and you can scrub it off whenever you want! Several of the models during the Spring 2010 show donned temporary tattoos. Now Chanel is coming out with their own range of j'adorable temp tats! I know for a fact this will be something that we shall be seeing a lot more of.

I mean, have you ever thought about getting a tattoo at least once in you're lives and never really got down to it because you're too scared? Well this is your answer! For a pack of 55 different sexy tattoos for £49 isn't that bad really is it? That means you will have a different tattoo for a different look for every week of the year! It's so chic.

The range, called 'L'ceil de Chanel' is set to hit Chanel stores in March!

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