Thursday, 21 January 2010


If Vogue is your bible then LABB Magazine is going to be your Qur'an, Torah & Bible all in one!

It is a fashionista's dream put together all in one and oh my... Its definitely a rollercoaster to go through! I was asked to join the fashion team for LABB Magazine which I proudly accepted, you may not have heard of it and of course you haven't yet because it will be launching this February during London Fashion Week.

LABB is a quarterly 'coffee table' glossy which will be aimed at designers, photographers and artists from all different backgrounds. It's very easy to read as the written features will be minimal and main focus will be on the editorial spreads. How can I describe this? It's loud, vibrant and totally j'adorable! It takes High Fashion to another league! Both men and women a like will be rushing to their shops to grab a copy, I can assure you.

When I met the LABB team, I was nervous, yet excited! It's a project I can't wait to get my teeth into and getting to know all of them was amazing! Now I can actually introduce to you the LABB team and I asked them all what LABB meant to them.

Editor in Cheif
George Eko
"LABB is about diversification, integration and the ability to just making it work!

Creative Director
OscarAlexander Lunberg
"Bringing Fashion and its weird-ness together with life and its journeys is the goal!"

Art Director
Dave Piper
"Being able to sit at my desk, actually creating a platform for new people is quite a nice feeling. I just wish George had created it for me all those years ago!"

My role within the magazine will be the new Fashion Features Editor. So what do I think LABB is all about? Well, "pushing boundaries within High Fashion and giving new talent a voice within the industry!"

... God, I feel like a girl giggling in class when I'm typing this! I still cannot believe the passion that is going into this magazine, It's definitely one to watch out for.

Check out the LABB website here or if you would like more info about LABB just email Also, below are some screen shots of some of the visual spreads.

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