Monday, 18 January 2010


There's always a hidden gem in London and I feel this could may well be one to watch for. Tucked away in trendy Covent Garden- I first thought it was some sort of makeover studio joint only to realise it was an actual boutique. They only stock two designers, Sarah Pacini and A.R.T.

Sarah Pacini

Sarah Pacini is a designer from Belgium who has established her name for effortless elegance and a collection designed to be timeless and ageless. Also, you have A.R.T. which is a Dutch brand full of artistic colour but personally speaking A.R.T.'s collection was something my 55-year-old and single art teacher from school would wear!

There were some pieces which I saw and thought "Ouch my eyes are hurting" but then there were some pieces that really took me aback! Nevertheless, I think everyone should check this store out... Especially because EVERYTHING is 50% off right now! Amazing for a total recessionista!

To found out where the store is located, click here.

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